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Veteran's Officer

After fourteen years as the Veterans Service Officer in McCulloch County, Ed Hernandez officially retired on June 30. Please direct all communication to the email below

Email: vetserv@co.mcculloch.tx.us

McCulloch County Courthouse

199 Courthouse Square Rm 102

Brady TX 76825

Phone: 597-0733 Ext. 5

Once the county has hired a replacement for the position, contact information will be posted.

 A booking system that a veteran/surviving spouse can book an appt with will schedule their appt for the 1st available with someone in my role as Claims Benefits Advisor. The appts are phone appts only and the appts will not necessarily be with me.
Right now, we are phone appts only and we don't have a way to separate appointments by location. In the near future a veteran will be able to choose the location for walk-in or phone appts. We are slowly returning to our offices. I will be going in 2xs a week Tue/Thurs.
You can also send me an email to ask questions, seek guidance or have a veteran who needs assistance. Please write Important in the subject line. I get so many phone calls, emails & text msgs a day it is hard to keep up.
Veterans may email me; however, more likely than not I will direct them to make an appt using the bookings link.

US Navy Veteran
Claims Benefit Advisor
Claims, Southwest District
Texas Veterans Commission


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